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RED is an active lifestyle and sports event brand specialising in ocean and water-sports. In years past, thriving Surf Ski leagues toured the Cape providing space for competitive expression and introducing young lifeguards to the sport. RED seeks to redraw the connection between lifesaving and surf ski paddling. Through education and transport initiatives we will open up accessibility to lifesaving (then Surf Ski) for disadvantaged communities.

At RED we believe in progress. This is measured in the field of competition. Our races provide a platform for athletes of all levels to test themselves and track their improvement. From beginners to professional athletes, we aim to cater for a broad set of abilities at each and every event.

23 September 23 @ 07:00 am

hertiage-icon.png Heritage Day Festival

A celebration of outdoor adventure activity, incorporating competitive sport, community skills development and local commerce into an interactive weekend of fun. Paddle, walk, run, learn, share and connect.


02 December 23 @ 05:00 am

surf-ski-series-icon.png RED Surf Ski Series

Restoring the connection between long distance ocean paddling and lifesaving in the Cape, with a series of weekend races running through the 2023 summer.


About RED

Shanti, RED Founder, was lucky enough to be exposed to water sports from a young age. Learning to swim at age 3, Nippers (children’s lifesaving) was the natural next step. Once qualified as a lifeguard, he was soon swept up in the culture of long distance ocean paddling known as Surf Ski. 

Like many of his peers, Shanti feels that most of the opportunities he has had access to have come from his involvement in this sporting community. Whether it was working as a professional lifeguard as a first job, or later finding himself as a full-time adventure guide, the lessons and qualifications have been an incredible vessel for his success so far.

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